Top 5 race boots for under £300


Race boots represent the pinnacle of riding protection for your feet, ankles and shins. Solid cups should keep your heels and toes guarded against crushing, as should a solid shank in the sole that will also stop nasty flexing injuries. More advanced boots brace your ankle to guard against sideways rotation while giving the flexibility needed to change gear – and to walk! With toesliders stopping the boots wearing through in case of contact with the floor, very little else can offer the sort of protection of this collection…

Sidi ST £249.99

With replaceable shin plates and toesliders, the Sidi ST offers air ventilation and a nylon inner sole. There are also removable arch supports and a shock absorbing heel insert. The boot is unisex and comes in UK sizes 5 to 12. Also available in black and white and black designs.

TCX R-S2 Evo £299.99

Padded at the front and rear for comfort, the R-S2 Evo is a CE-certified boot with sliders at the calf and rear of each ankle– as well as replaceable toesliders. Available in white, red or black, the boots are also breathable and come with mesh over the vents for added durability.

RST Pro Series Race £159.99

The cheapest boots here come offer relatively good value and come in a choice of colours. They’re CE-certified with an anti-bacterial gel insole, and extra leather panels for greater abrasion resistance. The boot has a Velcro and zip closure-system and a mesh lining has been used for comfort.

Alpinestars S-MX Plus £259.99

CE-certified and available in a range of colourschemes, the S-MX Plus are available in UK sizes 4.5 to 12.5. With self-moulding ankle protectors and replaceable toesliders, the boots also have an evenly textured sole for increased grip. There is also a countered shin plate for added protection.

Dainese Nexus £199.99

Available in UK sizes 4.5 to 11.5, these CE-certified boots come with a gear shift guard and a rubber sole for additional grip. A shock-absorbing heel adds extra protection, whilst flexible joints offer riders greater comfort when moving off the bike. The plastic sliders are also fully replaceable.