4 biking sat navs just for you

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Four of the best bike-specific sat navs available on MCNshop.com and Amazon.


TomTom Rider 40 WE, from £239.99

The cheaper of TomTom's two units featured here shares the vast majority of the features found on the more expensive Rider 400, including the winding roads feature that steers you clear of boring stretches of road, and the rotating screen. However it lacks the speed camera warning function. 



TomTom Rider 400 EU, from £259.99

TomTom went to town when they created the Rider 400, with a screen that rotates from landscape to portrait, a winding roads feature so you can ditch the highway and go the fun way, and comes with all the mounts you need to secure it to your bike. 



Garmin Zumo 595LM, from £539.28

The 5in screen makes Garmin's range topper the largest unit here and, like the TomTom, it can be viewed in widescreen or portrait. It uses Garmin's own Curvy Roads feature that allows you to bypass boring roads, and it also features lane-assist, ideal for fathoming confusing junctions. 



Garmin Zumo 395LM, £385.81

The lower-priced Garmin has a smaller screen than the 590LM and it only works in widescreen, but it has most of the top features like Curvy Roads and lane-assist. If you have a Bluetooth communication system in your lid you an listen to the audio instructions, and the sat-nav continually shows your current speed and the current road's limit.