Top 5 ear plugs for bikers

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Ear plugs… what can we say about ear plugs? Well - they’re essential to prevent damage to your hearing.

Did you know that speeds in excess of 50mph wind noise under the helmet can reach 110 decibels? That’s roughly the same noise level as an electric drill!

If you expose your hearing to these kinds of noise levels for any length of time you could do some severe damage to your ear drums.

We’ve picked out a range of ear plugs that both our customer and MCN recommend.

Bike It EarplugsBike It Ear Plugs - £1.49 RRP

We start at the cheaper end of the ear plug market.

Bike It have produced a no-frills, soft PU foam ear plug that easily moulds to your ear canal. It also comes with a handy keyfob for portability.

Any good? If you’re looking for a budget pair of ear plugs these will do the job - they’re basic but cheap.



Gear Gremlin Ear PlugsGear Gremlin Rocket Ear Plugs - £2.49 RRP

The ever-so-slightly higher priced Gear Gremlin Rocket Ear Plugs are great value for money.

They are 100% PVC free and come with a handy little nubbin to all the ear plugs to be slipped easily in or out of the ear.

Washable, re-useable and comes with a handy little carry pack - what more could you need?



Oxford Earsoft FX Ear PlugsOxford Earsoft FX Ear Plugs - £8.99 RRP

Some of the highest quality ear plugs we’ve found - the Oxford Earsoft FX are excellent for long rides and will help protect your hearing from wind and other noise inducing factors.

Made from an environmentally friendly polyurethane foam material that gives distributed pressure and a good seal to stop noise from getting in.

These ear plugs also come with a handy case to keep them stowed safely whilst not in use.



Auritech Ear PlugsAuritech Biker Ear Plugs - £19.99 RRP

Probably some of the most technologically advanced ear plugs you can find on the market… if that’s saying something!

The Auritech biker ear plugs are made using patented ceramic filters that offer maximum protection from dangerous external noises - such as wind, engine and road. However, they are designed so you can still hear sirens and horns audibly.

They’re washable, reuseable and comfortable to wear - more importantly they’re a hit with our customers as well.



Pinlock Ear PlugsPinlock Ear Plugs - £19.99 RRP

Certainly up there as some of the pricier ear plugs, however, you get a very good quality product and accessories for your money.

The set includes 2 medium and 2 large earplugs as well as 2 filters - making them accessible for all motorcyclists.

The filters included with these ear plugs prevent ears from overheating or feeling blocked and help to minimise irritation as they allow for air-flow into the ear.

The Pinlock ear plugs will help to filter out wind noise and other external dangerous noises while still allowing you to hear sirens and horns effortlessly.

Like the Auritech, Pinlock are washable, reuseable and comfortable to wear. Yes you will pay a bit more for them but for comfort and protection they’re excellent.