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It’s the midst of winter, but that doesn’t mean you need to be cold on the bike. Heated kit is a game changer when riding in freezing temperatures and will make all the difference between a comfortable ride and a potentially very dangerous one. With gloves, trousers, jackets and even insoles, you don’t have any excuses to be cold on the bike.

We’ve picked out some of our favourites below:

Gerbing 12V XR-12 Hybrid Gloves - £158.00

Gerbing 12V XR-12 Hybrid GlovesThese wonderful heated gloves are perfect for motorcycling in the winter - windproof, waterproof and will keep your hands nice and warm whilst on the road.

These gloves can either be powered through the bike’s engine or via portable Li-ion batteries that are easily stored thanks to the relative small size.

Made from premium aniline leather that fits perfectly to the contours of the hand - this glove is very comfortable to wear and well worth the investment if you plan on a lot of riding this winter.

Gerbing 12V Heated Trouser Liner - £159.99

Gerbing Heated Trouser LinerThese water-resistant mid-layer heated trousers are great for staying warm whilst out on the bike this winter.

They’re made using the latest technology to create a fantastic pair of wind-resistant, lightweight, heated trousers that ensure warmth is evenly distributed throughout your lower body.

With 4 heating elements in various areas - 2 at the front of the legs and 2 at the back on the hips. The elements are easily heated via a direct connection to the motorcycle’s battery. The trousers are also compatible with other Gerbing clothing - jacket and gloves can be tethered easily via a number of available ports.

RST Thermotech Rechargeable Heated Glove - £127.49

RST Thermotech Heated GlovesThese awesome heated gloves don’t require bike tethering to warm-up as their discreet 7.4V lithium batteries can be easily charged beforehand - making them a great addition to any cold-weather kit.

Made from premium-grade cowhide, super fabric and neoprene with heavily bonded thread these gloves are built to last. No expense has been spared to ensure RST deliver on the quality we’ve come to expect.

If you’re planning on winter motorcycling then these gloves are a must have.

Keis Heated Inner Soles - £53.92

Keis Heated Inner SolesWhen riding in wintery conditions it’s important not to neglect your feet, and what better way to ensure full comfort than by treating yourself to a nice pair of heated inner soles to keep your toes warm?

Available in a range of sizes these inner soles can easily be powered via a tether to the motorcycle’s battery or via a rechargeable Keis powerpack. Alternatively the Keis X6 Vest can easily be tethered to these soles to ensure you’re warm all over.

A great pair of accessories to use for winter riding.

Exo2 ExoGlo 3 Heated Body Warmer - £85.99

Exo2 ExoGlo Body WarmerEven without the heating powered up this body warmer is built to keep you warm in cold weather.

Made using the finest Primaloft insulation and Flylite fabric coupled with chest and back panels that heat-up nicely when tethered to the motorbike battery.

Waterproof, windproof and breathable - this body warmer is perfect for those cold winter rides.

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