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With the icy cold mornings before the start of most of our days lately, the ride into work is probably getting trickier - especially if the weather is taking its toll.

Here at MCN we've picked out our top five heated grips when going out on a winter ride - whether you're a regular commuter or a seasoned motorcyclist.

Keis Chicane Heated Grips - £99.99 RRP

Keis Heated GripsIf you’re looking for great quality heated grips for cold-weather rides, then you can’t go wrong with the Keis Chicane Heated Grips this winter.

These heated grips offer the latest technology to deliver instantly controllable heating whilst on your motorcycle.

With 6 independent heat settings and easily connectable to your bike’s battery with an auto shut-off these grips are ideal for winter rides.



Oxford Hot Hands - £69.99 RRP

Oxford Hot HandsThe Oxford Hot Hands are easy-to-fit, affordable heated over-grips that can also be used for grab rails.

These great grips heat up nice and quickly and are much-loved by both MCN and our customers in the MCNShop – with an overall 4.5* score you can’t really go wrong with these.

Not only do they keep your hands warm but they are also waterproof – Oxford are so confident in them that they’ve fitted them to jet skis just to prove it!

A must buy for a motorcyclist on a budget!



Oxford Heated Hot Grips – Commuters - £49.99 RRP

Oxford Hot Grips - CommutersAnother customer delight from the folks at Oxford – the Oxford Heated Hot Grips for Commuters are ideal for all-weather riders on the road during the winter months and are very affordable to boot.

These grips include a high and low setting, weather resistant heat controller, zero back drain current and are soft and ultra-grippy for comfort.

If you’re looking for hot grips that are durable, will keep your hands warm in winter and are cost effective we can’t recommend these enough, and our MCNSHop customers agree – boasting 4.5*.



Gear Gremlin FHG-2 Heated Grips - £57.99 RRP

Gera Gremlin Heated Grips FHG2MCN tested the Gear Gremlin FHG-2 Heated Grips in early 2016 and we liked them… for budget hot grips they do what they claim to do – keep your hands nice and warm on a winter ride.

They come with a waterproof controller, will fit the majority of motorcycles and have been compared to holding a nice hot cup of tea… so what more do you want?

For affordable heated grips these will do the job and are certainly worth investing in if you’re planning on cold-weather rides this winter.



Gear Gremlin FHG-1 Heated Grips - £44.99 RRP

Gear Gremlin Heated Grips FHG1If you’re on a budget but need to keep your hands warm on a winter ride, then the Gear Gremlin FHG-1 Heated Grips can provide what you’re looking for

Yes, they’re basic but they come with a waterproof controller, will fit most motorcycles and can be powered via the motorcycle’s battery.

For a very affordable alternative these are a great investment.


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