Top 5 Kevlar riding jeans

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Protective riding jeans have come a long way in the past few years and in some cases, can offer nearly as much protection as a leather alternative. They marry casual styling with the added protective qualities that armour and abrasion-resistant materials provide.

What this ultimately means is that you can have a jean that can be worn both on and off the bike, negating the need to have to get changed out of your riding clobber when you arrive at your destination.

There are a few things to consider when choosing a riding jean as some can offer vastly differing levels of protection depending on the rider requirements. Some will be fully-lined with either Kevlar or a similarly abrasion-resistant material while others may feature these materials at the critical impact zones such as the seat, knees and hips.

The key payoff over having fully-lined jeans over partially-lined is obviously in the protection that they offer. Other considerations though would be warmth, a fully-lined jean will offer the highest level of protection but might make your legs very warm when riding on hotter days ­– especially if riding slowly through stationary traffic. Considering on how you ride and where will influence your decision on this.

With that said, here are some of our top 5 riding jeans currently available on the MCN Shop.

Draggin Holeshot Kevlar jeans £235.99

Draggin Holeshot Kevlar jeans

The Draggin Holeshot Kevlar jeans are some of the most protective on the market and have been fully certified to the top CE level 2 standard. Their fully lined with Kevlar from waist to ankle with Draggin claiming them to offer ‘race-level’ protection qualities with a 7.45 second road abrasion resistance time. They also feature an ankle strap that will keep the jeans from riding up and exposing the leg in the event of an accident. Topping off the protection from these jeans is also CE approved armour at the knees and hips too.

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RST Vintage 2 Aramid Fibre jeans £89.99

RST Vintage 2 Aramid fibre jeans

At the other end of the price-spectrum is the RST Vintage 2 riding jeans. They are reinforced with Aramid fibre at the seat and knees and come with CE certified knee protection too. The outer material is 12oz elasticated stretch denim and the jeans also feature a breathable mesh lining for extra comfort. Additionally, there are pockets that will accept hip armour too, though this isn’t supplied.

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Richa Cobalt Cordura jeans £149.99

Richa Cobalt Cordura jeans

The Richa Cobalt Cordura jeans are fully CE certified and are constructed of Denim Cordura, cotton and Polyester with a Polycotton soft lining for added comfort. They feature CE certified D3O armour at both the knee and hip which is also adjustable.

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Alpinestars Charlie Denim Kevlar pants £161.49

Alpinestars Charlie Denim Kevlar pants

The Charlie Denim jeans are a slim-fitting trouser that are reinforced with Aramid fibres at the seat and knees. The trousers also come with CE certified armour at the knees that is adjustable and are finished with an American-vintage look.

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Oxford SP-J2 Kevlar jeans £89.99

Oxford SP-J2 Kevlar jeans

The SP-J2 jeans feature Dupont Kevlar reinforcement at the knee and seat areas with a 14oz Denim outer material. The jeans come in at the more affordable end of the spectrum but offer good value. There is CE certified knee armour for added protection and triple stitched at the sides.