Top 3 motorcycle batteries

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Whether you're new to motorcycling or have been riding for years we've picked our top five batteries from the MCN Shop for you to choose from.

Shido Lithium BatteryShido Lithium Battery

The Shido Lithium battery LT12A-BS LION is an ultra light OEM replacement lithium battery with an LED indicator. Features include an ultra light up 80% weight saving, quick charge (charges up to 75% in just six minutes), it also has a long service life approximately 2000 charge cycles and much more.




Aliant Lithium BatteryAliant Lithium Battery

High performance at low temperature, long life and competitive prices make the Aliant YLP Series a cracking choice. Take note though, this battery MUST be charged with an appropriate Lithium charger to prevent damage.



Dynavolt Gel BatteryDynavolt motorcycle gel battery

Gel Nanotechnology batteries are robust and reliable, often offering more battery cycles and a longer shelf life in comparison to other technologies. A totally sealed unit.


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