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We've all been out racking up the miles in this good weather, and it's important not to neglect regular motorbike maintenance. With centre stands seemingly becoming a thing of the past, a good paddock stand has become a garage essential for working on your bike. 

A paddock stand enables you to easily lift the wheels of your bike from the ground and also stands the bike up making it easier to access the left side of the machine.


With the rear wheel off the ground, chain maintenance becomes a cinch, or you can easily remove the rear wheel all-together to change your disc or sprocket. Your bike will also take up less room in the garage if it's not leaning on the side stand.

Here are MCN's top five rear paddock stands, currently available at the MCN Shop.

R&G Racing rear paddock stand - around £76.99

R&G Paddock stand

This powder coated rear paddock stand is modular, meaning it can be taken apart for easy transport. The specially designed hooks and fully adjustable arms are compatible with R&G cotton reels and spindle sliders.

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BikeTek 360 floating rear paddock stand - around £63.49

BikeTek 360 floating rear paddock stand

This rear paddock stand is constructed from oversized box aluminium for added strength, but it has a party trick. 360-degree caster wheels allow the rear of your bike to be moved around while it is in the air. Each of the three casters features a brake so they can be locked into position once you are ready to start work.

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MotoGP rear paddock stand - around £34.99

MotoGP rear paddock stand

This is a cheap and cheerful option, but make sure your swingarm will fit into the cups provided. It isn't as stable as hook and bobbin paddock stands but is nicely made from 32mm aluminium with easy-glide wheels, PU ground stops for easy handle access and grip and a durable, black powder coat finish.

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BikeTek Aluminium rear paddock stand - around £56.49

BikeTek Aluminium Rear Paddock Stand

This racing paddock stand has been made from lightweight oversized aluminium tubing, for greater strength and build quality. This stand is supplied with bobbin fork mounts, which are width adjustable to accommodate all twin swingarm motorcycles.

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Renntec Moovamoto rear paddock stand - around £99.95

Renntec Moovamoto rear paddock stand

The Renntec Moovamoto is another stand with the added bonus of being moveable while the bike is up in the air. It is of an incredibly sturdy construction and feels like it will last a lifetime, but it is a little more expensive for that reason. You can order it with either cups or bobbin hooks, depending on your bike's compatibility.

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