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It’s important to maintain your motorcycle over the winter months - especially if you want it ready to perform in the spring and summer seasons.

Many of the items mentioned in this article are focused on general maintenance - tyre repairs, chain and engine maintenance and of course the all important battery. These can be used all-year-round but are especially useful during colder spells.

Gear Gremlin Tyre Repair Kit - £19.95 RRP

Gear Gremlin Tyre Repair KitA very useful kit to have - the Gear Gremlin Tyre Repair Kit is the perfect companion on the road.

It’s an emergency tubeless repair kit that includes absolutely everything you need to carry-out a temporary, emergency repair on your bike tyres. It comes complete with it’s own compact case so it can be easily stowed safely whilst riding.

The repair kit is capable of repairing up to ¼” within the tread area away from the sidewall. Once repaired the manufacturers recommend not exceeding 40 MPH until you can repair or replace the tyre properly.



Wurth Twin Pack - £13.98

Wurth Twin PackFor maintaining your motorcycle’s chain and brakes this pack is invaluable and offers excellent value for your money.

The pack includes a 500ml chain and brake cleaner that can be used for the easy removal of dust, dirt, grease and oil. When it’s used on the brake’s components it can lift fluid, brake dust and oil from callipers, discs and drum.

The 500ml high performance chain lube is a wax-based lubricant - excellent for penetrating the tightest gaps and chain links, meaning that all chain surfaces are kept well lubricated for the best possible performance. In addition - the unique, low build tech formula means that dirt and grease will not stick to the chain - ensuring longevity.



Motul - Engine Clean - £12.55 RRP

Motul Engine CleanAn ideal engine cleaner for any standard 4 cylinder motorcycle engine with injection or a carburettor.

Regardless of whether or not your bike has a catalytic convertor or the type of fuel you use; the Motul Engine Clean is very effective at cleaning and declogging motorbike engines and will even leave it well lubricated for great performance.

Once the engine is cleaned, any microparticles are removed when the oil is drained.



Oxford Tool Kit - £14.99 RRP

Oxford Tool KitIt’s always useful to have a handy, compact tool kit when you’re on the road - or even for tinkering in the garage.

The Oxford Tool Kit comes with a standard set of tools that can be used alongside your bike-specific wrenches or for a planned trip they offer excellent support for minor and small problems.

As you’d expect the kit includes a set of Alan keys, pliers, screwdriver with interchangeable heads and socket wrenches - a very useful addition to any set of bike maintenance tools and accessories.



Oxford Oximiser 900 - £34.99 RRP

Oxford Battery Oximiser 900One of the best selling bits of kit we have in the MCN Shop - and with good reason!

The Oxford Oximiser 900 is a professional switch-mode battery charger that is specifically designed to automatically maintain, optimise and prolong battery life.

The Oximiser 900 is perfect for any 12 volt battery up to 20Ah including Gel, MF as well as conventional and refillable batteries. It can even be left permanently attached to the motorcycle to help maintain long-term battery care.


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