Making MCN's GSX-R1000 turn faster

On the road I¹ve nothing but praise for the GSX-R and my only complaints have been focussed on the K9¹s character on track where it has a reluctance to turn and change direction.

Having been fortunate enough to test newly crowned British Superstock champion Alistair Seeley¹s TAS Relentless Suzuki recently I knew that there was still a lot to come from the standard bike.

The first step to making the K9 sharper has to be the best modification available as it¹s very effective and costs nothing. On the advice of TAS Suzuki team boss Phillip Neil I dropped the front forks through the yokes by 3mm in an effort to sharpen the steering. That might not sounds like much, but when it comes to altering geometry 3mm is significant. The day after I made the change I was out at Cadwell Park and wow, what a difference.

Instead of having to man-handle the bike through the Woodland section from the Mountain to the front straight, the revised geometry of the GSX-R made turning and changing direction so much easier.