Review: Bullit shock

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What’s good? Built by British firm K-Tech under their Bullit brand, this shock has made a major difference to my Ducati Scrambler. The Scrambler’s stock item is quite soft and also lacks finesse when it comes to high-speed compression damping, but the Bullit is a major step up, and has improved the Scrambler’s manners down the back roads I use daily.

The shock has also raised the ride height slightly at the back – because there is less sag when I get on – giving the Ducati a more sporty feel. You could achieve the same with most aftermarket shocks, but what makes the Bullit stand out is the design. There’s no spring on show, in fact there is no spring. Instead the shock is filled with nitrogen. Quality is impressive and the finish is gorgeous – very much in keeping with the Scrambler’s retro vibe.

What’s not? Weirdly, there is no adjustment. K-Tech say it’s not needed because the shock is designed to give consistent damping under all conditions (and it also keeps costs under control). I have found it more than fine but some may miss the opportunity to make changes.

Quality: 5/5
Value: 4/5

Price: £438 


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Simon Brown

By Simon Brown

MCN Senior Production Editor