Tyre review: Bridgestone BT-003RS

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Bridgestone BT-003RS, approx £220
Miles covered/time:
Three race weekends

What’s good? Tyres for 250s and 400s are increasingly rare – especially sticky new designs. My TZR250 is even harder to cater for, as sticky road legal tyres to suit the peculiar rim sizes means fitting oversized rubber – which doesn’t always work.

These Bridgestone BT-003RS in a 110/70-17 and 140/70-17 rear are new for this year, and are so far working well.

I’ve only fallen off through pilot error – the tyres have gripped solidly, only moving a little when they’re getting to the end of their racing life.

They’re wearing quite well – two full race meets at tracks tough on tyres have only just taken the edge off. The stiff sidewalls allow lower pressures too, which helps give a fat contact patch – something I need to try and exploit more.

They were good on a wet practice day too – I’m yet to race on a damp track with them.

What’s not? Nothing to report – a bit of snot builds up on the extreme edge at the end of their racing life, but once they’ve cooled careful use of a blunt Stanley knife trims it off (and I mean careful!) to give them back a clean, grippy shoulder.

Contact: www.bridgestone.eu
Rating: 4/5

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Chris Newbigging

By Chris Newbigging