Tyre review: Dunlop Roadsmarts

Dunlop Roadsmart tyres, £94.49 front; £118.99 rear on MCN Shop
Miles covered/time:
4000/six months

What’s good? The wet weather performance of the Dunlop Roadsmarts is nothing short of incredible. They’re confidence-inspiring, predictable and remarkably grippy.

In fact, they’re so good it’s almost like riding in the dry! During the first half dozen or so wet rides I actually found myself having to adjust the way I was riding to take advantage of the improved grip and increased safety margin.

Yes, they really are that good. After 4000 miles (2000 of them on the motorways of Europe) on my Harley XR1200X test bike the profile squared off a smidge but remained round enough to avoid any nervousness when tipping into bends.

What’s not? Track day heroes might scoff at the Roadsmarts sports-touring moniker but if you ride everyday and in all weathers you’ll struggle to find a better tyre.

Contact: www.dunlopmotorcycle.eu
Rating: 5/5