Product review: Motrax Bazel brush

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Motrax Bazel brush, £2.99
Time used:
two vigorous washes

What’s good? This brush has a good solid handle, a nice array of bristles and can be poked into any crevice you dare to investigate.

Getting behind your downpipes, under your bellypan and on the bike-side of your exhaust are all tempting options. Simple to use, well designed and satisfying to own.

What’s not? Perhaps I’d been too hard on it, but after the first wash the brush looked rather sad and deformed and had lost all the spring in the bristles on one side.

Leaving it to soak in a bucket of hot water and soap helped it bounce back to some semblance of strength. It’s not immune to the scrubbing that you’ll subject it to, but I think that’s reflected in the price.

Rating: 4/5

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Dan Aspel

By Dan Aspel