Michelin Road Pilot 3

I replaced the Michelin Pilot Road 2s on my BMW R1200RT in January with the Pilot Road 3s because of the reviews about wet weather performance.

The rear is due for replacement now having completed 9200 winter/spring UK A and B road miles. I estimate that the front has another 3000 miles left.

Brilliant tyres: improved grip in the wet over the 2s, which I thought were excellent to start with. The sipes really do clear lying water well.

The tyres have coped well with heavily gritted roads and quickly regain grip after minor slips and slides in the snow and ice, although they do take longer to warm up than the 2s, meaning they're not fond of road furniture at the start of a commute.

They're great in fresh snow and will whizz through slush like a snow plough!

Now the sun's out I've noticed the wear-rate increase significantly over the last week or two, but have been very pleased with their performance and am content to recommend them for touring and commuting.

The rear hasn't squared-off as much as the Pilot 2 did and has resisted damage better too.

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Andy Collis

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By Andy Collis