Product Review: Conti Trail Attack tyres (£136 plus fitting and tubes)

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What’s good about the Conti Trail Attack tyres?

I’ve actually been through two sets of these tyres, on a Yamaha XT660R I share with my son Fred. The 9200 miles in a year equals both pairs pretty much worn out. To be fair we changed one rear a little early, so let’s say a set lasts 5000 miles on an XT, running 30psi front and 35psi rear. During all that time Fred had one slip on overbanding, when he was still quite new to riding. Otherwise the wet/dry grip, banking smoothness and high-speed stability are fine for both of us. Much of the time was commuting on bumpy lanes and dual carriageways. A bigger test was thrashing over the French Alps overtaking scores of GS riders, which was just massive fun and no drama, as it should be. Like all road-oriented trail tyres they’re fine on dry hard-pack and terrifying on wet mud.

And what’s not?

They were hard to fit without a tyre machine, and they wore out quite quickly. OK, big singles really mash their chains and tyres, but my BMW R1150GS, which weighs as much as a baby elephant, has got 7200 miles out of a set of Michelin Anakee IIIs.

Time tested

12 months/9200 miles


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Rupert Paul

By Rupert Paul