'There's a good chance the R6 will revitalise interest in the 600cc supersport class'

Published: 23 December 2016

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I do love it when a manufacturer ‘resuscitates’ a near-moribund class, because all of a sudden similar style bikes built earlier become trendy, and that means there’s some money to be made.

Look at retro bikes. Kawasaki (arguably) pioneered them with the air-cooled Zephyr range, which wasn’t a sales success. Then other manufacturers started tentatively launching retro bikes - like Ducati with the Sport Classic range and, more recently, the Scrambler.

Lo and behold, retro is in again and a good clean 750 Zephyr is worth £2000, more if it’s the one with wire wheels and Z1 paint scheme. I wish I’d bought a couple when they were cheapish.

I think it’s going to happen again now that Yamaha has launched the new R6 (just after Honda decided to kill off the CBR600). There’s a good chance it’ll revitalise interest in the 600cc supersport class, and then you’re likely to see prices firming appreciably. A week or two before the R6 announcement, I was wondering whether or not to snap up a really clean 2000 year Kawasaki ZX-6R for £1900. I wish I had.

Oddly, while an older CBR600 is still a great bike, I don’t think it’s quite naughty enough to be dragged upwards by the R6. GSX-R600s and older model R6s, yes, and quite possibly the Triumph Daytona 675. All bikes are cheap to buy in winter, but supersport bikes are particularly hard to shift and thus even better bargains.

What to pay...Yamaha YZF-R6

2016 new: £9814

2010 dealer mint: £5800

2005 dealer mint: £4200


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