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Our Used Bike Expert, Neil Murray, has once again dished out the bikes catching his eye this week.

So out of over 15,000 two-wheelers on MCN's Bikes For Sale, here's the quick low-down on a 2007 Suzuki GSX1300R a 2002 bmw R12000CL and a 2013 Suzuki GSR750.

2007 Suzuki GSX1300R Hayabusa K7 - £3400

Seller says: 11,500 miles, mint, rare candy red colour, double-bubble screen, GPR cans, Spy alarm

Neil says: Depends on whether you want a red one, really. But a lot of power for not much cash.

2002 BMW R1200CL - £3500

Seller says: 25,000 miles, luggage, ABS removed, heated grips & seats.

Neil says: Deeply ugly BMW cruiser. Low miles, but I’m amazed it fetched this price. Hard to see why you’d want one in preference to an RT. James Bond seemed to like his...

2013 Suzuki GSR750 - £3400

Seller says: 6700 miles, fsh, Datatagged, Beowulf exhaust.

Neil says: Not a sales success. I’d rather have a Street Triple, but this is much cheaper. The GSR rides well, but the Triumph is far more desirable and holds its used value better.


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