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Ducati announced the rebirth of the SuperSport name at World Ducati Week, giving us a first glimpse of the new 939 SuperSport that will be released next year. It’s got us at the MCN HQ wondering what’s available to those who are hankering after an old SS.

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Ducati 900 Superlight £6495 

The SL came about in 1992 and was a limited edition model of the 900SS. Built until 1996, the run was limited to 900 machines over the period. Now increasingly rare and very collectable, this one should hold its value.


Ducati 900SS Mike Hailwood rep £35,980

Absolutely stunning and incredibly collectable. Built to commemorate Hailwood winning the 1978 Formula 1 TT. This 1980 900SS boasts a well documented and lavish history, with only one previous owner and a host of press clippings from when it was bought. It’s expensive, but just look at it.


Ducati 900SS £3250

Its not an all out speed machine, it’s a bike that you can really enjoy on the road. It’s a delight to ride and has handling that will surprise the odd modern machine. It may not have been a game-changer but it is a real charmer and an appreciating classic now.


Ducati 600SS £1400

Okay, so it isn’t the 900SS and it’s a race bike so it's always wise to be very cautious when buying but as a cheap way into racing and Ducati ownership, this bike has to be worth a look.

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