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‘People are paying as little as £1500 for 955 Daytonas’

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I’m after bikes to stash in the lock-up for sale in Spring and I’m wondering whether early 2000s-era Triumphs might be a good bet.

Triumph had realised that their four-cylinder bikes really didn’t stack up against the Japanese fours. They ditched fours altogether after the lukewarm reception that greeted the TT600 and the 600 Daytona (the 650 was a bit more like it, but it was evident by then that nobody wanted a four from the firm). 


Moving on from their original 885cc triples, they took a sort of quantum leap with the new 955s. And they ploughed their own furrow – they weren’t cutting-edge sportsbikes: they were sports tourers. Not competitive on tracks, but brilliant road bikes.

People are paying as little as £1500 for 10-year-old Sprints, Daytonas and even early 955 Speed Triples. I think they’re undervalued. Not only that, but there’s still nobody else making bikes like these. I suppose the nearest thing is Honda’s VFR800. 

Early 955s had some issues – plastic fuel line connectors failed, but were replaced with metal ones. The occasional starter clutch gremlin still lurks, but as long as you keep the battery fit so the starter won’t kick back, there’s no cause to worry. Just remember that many are sold just before expensive 18,000 or 36,000-mile services.

As I said a while back, I’m earmarking £10,000 to spend on half a dozen carefully chosen bikes this winter, and there’s going to be at least one 955 Triumph among them.

Also catching my eye this week


1979 BMW R80RT £2452

Seller says 4830 miles, full police spec – previous owner hired out vehicles as TV props. Mainstand needs welding, no history.
Neil says Mechanically it might be OK, but it will need total recommissioning. 

2008 Suzuki GSF1250 K8 £2450

Seller says ABS, recent service, new rear tyre, Yoshi can & double bubble screen (originals included).
Neil says Great all rounder for two and a half grand. Have fun, scratch on it, tour on it, whatever.


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Neil Murray

By Neil Murray

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