Bikes for sale: Long distance cruisers

Published: 12 September 2016

Bikes for sale

The new Moto Guzzi MGX-21 Flying Fortress offers a different take on the long-distance bagger, with its Batman styling, red cylinder heads and 21-inch front wheel, and it's got the ride quality to back up those stunning looks, too.

At £17,336 the Guzzi certainly isn't cheap, and those sci-fi looks won't be for everyone, so we've found four of the best long distance baggers currently available at


Indian Chieftain

The Chieftain offers a smooth, balanced, and refined ride in a classically-styled chassis, which makes it a pleasure to ride over long distances. You pay a premium for such good ride quality, though.

Harley-Davidson Street Glide

Lying somewhere between a full-on tourer and custom street bike, Harley's Street Glide looks mean and menacing, but in reality it's an easy-going bike with just enough power to happily cruise at 80mph.

Kawasaki VN1700 Voyager

Cruisers from Japanese manufacturers normally lack the character of their European and North American cousins, but the VN1700 can hold it with the best. It might not have the same kudos as a Harley, but it also doesn't have the same price tag. 

Victory Magnum

The Magnum is a stylish mile muncher with bags of torque, although at 345kg it's certainly not a lightweight. Probably the most stylish cruiser on the road until the Moto Guzzi came along.


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