Bike of the day: BMW C Evolution

Published: 19 August 2017

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Today's bike of the day is this 12-year-old Suzuki SV650, which got me all teary-eyed and rought back memories of my own red 2005 SV650.

Seller says

“Heated Handlebar Grips.” 

MCN says

“Man of few words, the seller, but I can tell you the BMW C Evolution makes a lot of sense as an inner-city commuter. The C Evolution can do everything a normal scooter can, and you never have to queue at the petrol station or pay road tax. All those batteries mean there's no space under the seat for a helmet, though. They're not cheap but this second hand example is cheaper than most brand new maxi scooters.” 

Check out this BMW and see more C Evolutions for sale here

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