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Why Kawasaki's H2 is a slow earner

Published: 01 April 2017

Why you won’t make a fast buck on Kawasaki’s supercharged weapon

I’ve seen it written that used H2 Ninjas are already becoming sought-after and that used prices are starting to rise.  As an owner, I wish this were so, but I don’t think it is, especially not for the H2R.

I’ve just watched a 2015 R, never ridden (though occasionally started and run up) sell for £31,200. That means that somebody dropped 10 grand on it. Ouch. I’ve seen dealers advertising the road-legal H2, again 2015 models, that have been on their showroom floors for a couple of years.  These haven’t been discounted, though. As the 2017 model is priced at three-and-a-half grand more than the original (that’s the Brexit Sterling devaluation for you, though the new model does have a few extra fol-de-rols), I don’t think the old model needs to be discounted.


Now there’s the new Carbon model, billed as a limited edition, though the 2015 original wasn’t exactly given away with Happy Meals.  That’s over £27,000 and smacks of a manufacturer trying to shift slow-moving metal.

I bought mine with an eye to long-term value, and I’m utterly convinced it will hold true.  There will be an initial used dip, and the bike will always be a slow seller, partly because on a racetrack there are better alternatives.

But this is like the Honda CBX1000 six, nearly four decades ago.  It was a tour-de-force, but Suzuki’s GS1000 was just as fast, lighter, cheaper, handled better and sold better.  Today, though, which is the bike that everyone drools over?  Not the Suzuki.

So, I will continue to ride my H2, which is what it’s meant for, and ignore the remarks like “that’s the dirtiest one I’ve seen” from my dealer’s workshop.  I am still sure that one day it will be my pension.

2004 Honda XR400 £1800

Seller says New MoT, recent tyres, good C&S, just had oil and filter change
Neil says Looks very tidy, and a better bet than a KLX250.

2016 Honda CB125F £1800

Seller says New shape, six months old, 2000 miles, light damage repair under insurance.
Neil says Excellent purchase. Basically, a barely run-in bike for a huge discount.

2005 Ducati Multistrada 1000DS £1752

Seller says 19,500 miles, fsh, double bubble screen, top box.
Neil says Ugly, but still a very capable bike and much cheaper to run than a modern Multistrada. 


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