7 top touring bikes to suit all budgets

Published: 18 May 2017

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We need to face facts here, sometimes it just makes sense to have a touring bike above all others. Their real-world usability, comfort and practicality make these distance-destroyers the weapon of choice of many continental conquerors.

Some, like BMW’s R1200RT are an obvious choice for those who want all the bells, whistles and comfort whereas bikes such as the trusty VFR800 became known for their comfort and distance capabilities and, coupled with a bomb-proof engine, make for an excellent alternative option that doesn’t break the bank.

Here are 7 of our top motorcycles currently advertised on the MCN Bikes for Sale website.

BMW R1200RT £11,999

BMW R1200RT for sale

MCN says

"Partially water-cooling the R1200RT has evolved it into an even better tourer. The new motor gives it a bit more bite to take on the likes of the Triumph Trophy while not over-stepping the mark. Despite being a large machine the BMW remains light and maneuverable and the addition of power modes and the advanced electronics have brought it bang up to date. Although the gear shift assist is a touch unnecessary, the hill start is brilliant and the water-cooled engine is considerably smoother off the bottom end."

Honda ST1300 Pan European £7,499

Honda ST1300 Pan European for sale

MCN says

"The Honda ST1300 Pan European is as accomplished a machine as you can buy. It does everything you ask of it and more. Smooth, comfortable, fast, powerful and well-built – it should be near the top of anyone’s list whether they’re in the market for a mile-munching tourer or a classy commuter. Superb."

Triumph Sprint GT £6,494

Triumph Sprint GT for sale

MCN says

"Take Triumph’s superb Sprint ST (Sport Touring) and make it more adept at touring and also pillion friendly and what do you end up with? A Triumph Sprint GT (Grand Touring), that’s what. Sounds easy enough but in practice Triumph had to revise the Sprint’s chassis in a major way. So with a longer swingarm and steel subframe the GT becomes uber-stable when decked out with 117 litres of luggage, a pillion and 20 litres of juice. It goes further than that, though. Lower seat height, a wider, more comfortable pillion seat, built in grab rails on the topbox mounts and revised footpeg positions… and more. Does it all work, though? Yes, it does. It is comfy for pillion and rider – good enough for Triumph’s claimed 200 miles between fuel stops – the engine is flexible and grunty, steering is agile but stable and it can carry a week’s worth of clothing with ease."

Honda VFR800 £1,850

Honda VFR800 for sale

MCN says

"The Honda VFR800i is the best version of the best motorcycle ever built according to some. Honda VFR800i is a consumate all-rounder that looks great and goes better whether you’re on a track day, commuting or heading on a two week holiday with pillion and luggage. The VFR800 is an evolution of the VFR750, which started life as a sports bike but ended as a super sports tourer."

Kawasaki GTR1400 £5,999

Kawasaki GTR1400 for sale

MCN says

"The Kawasaki GTR1400 is the long-awaited, long-rumoured flagship sports tourer based on the powerhouse ZZ-R1400 – and it’s been worth the wait. The GTR is a classy, smooth and potent bit of kit, delivering a magic carpet ride across continents better than virtually anything else/ It may lack the proven reputation and long options list of BMW but in virtually every other respect it’s the new king."

Yamaha FJR1300 £6,000

Yamaha FJR1300 for sale

MCN says

"The Yamaha FJR1300 is the first from-the-ground-up touring bike the Japanese firm has built. With shaft drive, comprehensive fairing, bespoke hard luggage, massive tank capacity etc, this motorcycle ticks plenty of boxes. It means the Yamaha FJR1300 definitely adds up to travelling in style."

Yamaha MT-09 Tracer £7,195

Yamaha MT-09 Tracer for sale

MCN says

"This is a seriously good bike at a seriously great price. We already knew the MT-09 platform had shades of greatness. With that stonking triple’s fuelling ironed out it’s status is confirmed: it’s both immensely versatile and thrillingly invigorating. The chassis, now the fork settings have been tweaked, is without criticism. The Tracer now adds to that with decent range and comfort, excellent all-round ability and impressive spec and sheen – without hurting that value at all. It’s great fun, characterful, useful and a bike for all reasons."

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