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5 mouth-watering classics on MCN Bikes for Sale

Published: 23 October 2017

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This weekend's Classic Bike Live event has got us all gooey-eyed about a time before electronics, big horsepower and heated grips, so we've been spending a bit too much time on MCN Bikes for Sale dreaming about owning some glorious classic bikes.

We couldn't keep them to ourselves, of course, so here are some of the best classics currently for sale.


Morini 350 Sport £3,495

MCN says

“This Morini is an absolute beauty and it looks in great nick. Deep red piant, gold wheels and the big 3 1/2 logo on the side. What's not to love?”

Benelli Sei 750 £17,980

MCN says

“You'll need deep pockets or a very understanding partner if you fancy this six-cylinder Benelli, but just look at it. Nothing looks quite as purposeful as a six-cylinder from the '70s, with the frame barely able to contain huge engine.” 

BSA C12 £3,999

MCN says

"Looking at the pictures it's hard to believe this bike is from 1955, it's that clean. The engine is original and comes with a spare gasket set, which you'll probably need!"

Royal Enfield Continental GT £3,699

MCN says

“The Continental GT was the original factory cafe racer and it just exudes '60s cool. This one's being sold as a collector's project, but we reckon it's already in good nick. We'd buy it and head on down to the cafe on it as it is!”

Norvin Black Shadow £49,980

MCN says

"Listed as a Vincent Black Shadow, this is actually a Vincent engine in a Norton frame, built by Hailwood Motorcycle Restorations. Only a handful were produced and this one even has an electric start!"

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