ZZRs are the way to go for cheap speed

Published: 14 December 2017

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Kawasaki ZZRs provide high-velocity fun for not much cash

I’ve been looking at Kawasaki ZZRs after noting that the Blackbird’s price bubble seems to have been punctured. The same doesn’t seem to have happened to the big old 

ZZ-R1100 – a 1998 9000-miler only made £2250 the other day, which is phenomenal value, but it’s still a lot for a 19-year-old bike.

The 1200 isn’t making any more money and £2650 for a superb 2002 bike with 14,000 miles and three-piece Givi luggage is also a great buy. However, it also shows the 1100 is still the bike people want. 

The 1400 is much more expensive, of course. It’s also, to be fair, from a different generation, so starting prices are around £3250. Five or six-year-old examples in good nick are from five grand upwards and anything three years old or younger starts at six grand. 

If you’re looking for something that you don’t really want to see depreciate, and don’t want to spend much money on to begin with, then the cleanest latest 1100 would be my personal pick. I’ll still tip my hat towards the 600, though. 

While it lacks the phenomenal grunt, it’ll still nudge 150mph, which isn’t shabby for a 600 even today. It’s also way cheaper. The 600s also tend to be in decent nick because they weren’t bought by hooligans, who gravitated more towards sports 600s. Prices start at £2k.

What to pay…

Join the ZZR family

ZZ-R600 from £2000
ZZ-R1100 from £2250
ZZR1200 from £2650
ZZR1400 from £3250

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