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Bike of the day: Honda DN-01

Published: 08 April 2018

Why it’s MCN’s pick:

If you had a bit of a skin full last night, you may wish to look away now…

Let’s face facts, the Honda DN-01 is no looker. It fell out of the ugly tree, hit every branch on the way down and then landed flat on its face. Hard. Very hard. But it is, well, interesting…

Launched in 2008, the DN-01 was Honda’s answer to a question that no one ever asked. And that question was ‘what would the love-child of a scooter and a cruiser look like?’ The answer, if you care, is the DN-01.


Powered by a version of the Deauville’s 680cc V-twin fitted with Honda’s Human Friendly Transmission (HFT) with three modes – standard, sport and steptronic – the DN-01 is fairly smooth and lacks complicated gears. But the feet-forward riding positon is odd, it weighs 270kg and handles like a cruiser in bends. So why didn’t it sell?

As well as looking like Judge Dredd’s bike, the DN-01 lacks the practicality of a scooter (the underseat storage is minimal) while having all the drawbacks of a cruiser. And it looks like a dog’s dinner. Yet, strangely, it is also quite appealing…


Seller says:

“Getting hard to find now, this DN-01 is lovely! Fitted with a Givi screen, spot lights, heated grips, Givi top box, 12-volt socket, rim tapes, alarm system and LED kit. Great fun to ride, practical and very economical to own and run. Not to be missed at only £4,995.”


You can see this Honda and find more DN-01 motorcycles for sale here.


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