10 years of the BMW F series GS

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The new BMW F850GS is more than a styling exercise: it’s quicker and sweeter-handling than the 800 with more kit and sounds meaner too, with a thrapping exhaust note, thanks to a new firing order and offset crank.

But although a brilliant bike, there are now 10 years of used examples of the parallel twin F-GS family around to suit every budget and taste. BMW build quality means they can be a great secondhand buy, too.


MCN’s brief guide to a decade of BMW F-GS models

2018 BMW F850GS

The 2018 BMW F850GS

The latest F-series GS has come of age as an alternative to its 1200 brother. It’s practical, comfortable, has a great specification and is easier to ride off-road. Who needs a big-capacity adventure bike when the new F850GS is around?

And if you want to buy a BMW F850GS you can purchase one new, starting from £9875.

2018 BMW F750GS

The 2018 BMW F750GS model

The F700GS update confusingly has the same engine, chassis and brakes as the 850, but with 18bhp less. MCN reader, Will Naismith, told us: “15-litre tank not enough.” The F750GS is aimed at road riders and will cost you £8225 from new. 

2013 BMW F800GS Adventure

2013 BMW F800GS Adventure for sale

Basically, this is an 800GS with a bigger (underseat) tank, more bodywork and a host of options. A Range Rover Sport next to the base bike’s Range Rover. Watch out for head bearing wear (yes, still). MCN reader, Bill Sherman, told us: “the F800GS Adventure is superb, light and powerful.” We found the above F800GS Adventure for sale at £7894 with 22,800 miles on the clock.

2013 BMW F700GS

2013 BMW F700GS for sale

Novice-friendly street trailie, the F700GS is an update of the old F650 and is a great-value used buy. We recommend fitting the Comfort Seat option. MCN reader Joao Sousa also told us: “My F700GS has excellent details, is solid and I've had no reliability issues.” We found the above example for £4650 with 6900 miles on the clock.

2008 BMW F800GS

2008 BMW F800GS or sale

First best-of-both-worlds adventures has spawned several special editions. Watch out for headraces at 20k-25k and ensure the warranty updates are done. We found the above used F800GS motorcycle up for sale for £4495 with 17,500 miles on the clock. MCN reader Tony also told us: “You can pick these bikes up for a bargain. They're good quality and solid.” 

2010 BMW F650GS

2010 BMW F650GS for sale

Optional extras on previous versions are now standard. The 2012 ‘SE’ version got a bashplate and high screen. If the rubber boots on the caliper pins split, the caliper can seize, so watch out for that. We found the above F650GS on sale for £3300 with 21,100 miles on the clock. MCN reader Paul told us: “By far the most complete package of a bike I’ve ever owned.”

2008 BMW F650GS

2008 BMW F650GS for sale

The 2008 BMW F650GS twin has a lower seat and softer delivery than F800, so is as novice-friendly as the old single. Watch out for headraces which can be weak. Examples with extras are worth more. We found the above example for £3795 with 17,800 miles on the clock. 

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