Top five batter chargers and maintainers under £80

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Gear Gremlin 12V Smart Battery Charger, £49.99
Intelligent charger determines the state of the battery and decides the charging rate, so it can be left attached. Comes with crocodile clips for battery attachment.





Oxford Oximiser 3X,  £79.99
Can be permanently attached to the battery, making hourly checks for voltage loss and reacting if it goes below set limits. Comes with croc clips and a permanent cable.





Gear Gremlin 12V Battery Charger, £22.99
Battery chargers don’t get much more basic, with a plug-in unit and a lead that runs to croc clips to attach to a battery. It’s best used for keeping a battery topped up over winter.





Oxford Solariser Optimiser, £34.99
With a charging rate of just 0.1A, this charger harnesses the power of the sun to keep your battery topped up, if you can leave it where there’s daylight.





TecMate OptiMate 4 Dual Battery Optimiser (SAE), £59.99
Top-spec charger that has six steps to look after your battery, and can also charge BMW batteries through the 12V socket without damaging sensitive electronics.

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