Promoted: Sinnis Terrain 125 Reviving The Small-Capacity Adventure Market

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Sinnis Terrain 125
Sinnis Terrain 125

The Sinnis Terrain 125 is quietly powering a small-capacity adventure revival.

Back when adventure bikes were just road-bikes that you took off-road, 125CC engines were all many had. In the 1950s, when the gentleman-adventurer was established as an icon of class, lads would head up to the local hills on weekends to test their everyday machines.

With the release of the Terrain back in 2018, the 125 adventure market has again taken root as a thriving community of working men looking for a weekend escape. Sinnis owners all over the country band together to tackle green lanes, byways and mountains on their trusty steeds.

The Terrain, which comes standard with 66.5ltr top box and panniers, is as much an out-the-box travel companion as it is a comfortable commuter. It’s lightweight, so you can really throw it around, and riders have tested it all the way from the UK to Mongolia and back.

Brighton-based Sinnis is known for producing affordable, learner-legal, low-CC motorcycles. They pride themselves on designing simple, functional, affordable machines.

Sometimes that’s all you need to take a little exploration.

The Terrain 125CC is available from £2589.

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