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Circuito Internazionale Misano

Santamonica SpA

Via del Carro 27A

47843 Misano Adriatico (Rn)


Phone: 0039-0541-618511

Fax: 0039-0541-615463

Website: www.misanocircuit.com

Email: infomisano@misanocircuit.com

Ticket sales: contact circuit

Local tourist info: 0039-0541-615520


You should almost feel bad about going to Misano… flights from Stansted to nearby Rimini are ridiculously cheap and take you to such an attractive part of Italy, with beaches in summer that are literally overflowing with some the country’s most beautiful women, that you need an excuse NOT to go. When in Rimini, take the S72 road inland for about 10 miles, and then follow the local signs for the track.


2.52 miles


SBK: John Kocinski, USA (Ducati 955) 1:34.29 – 96.31mph (1996)


It’s tight, it’s twisty, and it’s bumpy – but never mind what it’s like for the riders, Misano is a great place to watch some racing. The locale is a great place to visit, and the track is almost all visible to a spectator. Ducati and Aprilia have a small advantage because both occasionally use the track for testing, but it’s not a terribly difficult place to learn (when you’ve cracked the bumps, you’ve got it sorted) so the advantage is minimised. V-twins generally go well there because of the number of relatively slow corners – their low-rev acceleration suits Misano perfectly – but it seems to be a track with more than its fair share of crashes, as much because of its fairing-bashing nature as its dusty surface.

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