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Seth Enslow to jump 100 babes

Published: 07 October 2001

Crusty Demons stunt nutter Seth Enslow is planning a leap over 100 babes.

Converts will know that Enslow has become a living legend for his ludicrous and often not-quite grafity-defying leaps on crossers. Already to his credit is a 100 boob leap (over 50 topless honeys).

Now he aims to jump up to 200ft on his dirt bike, over 100 gorgeous babes as part of the freestyle moto x and BMX dirt jump events, in Stadium Australia, Sydney, at the Planet X Summer Games in December. The jump itself will take place on Saturday, December 8.

We’ll bring you pictures of the mad Californian in action as soon as we get them.

Enslow first rode to notoriety in the first ever Crusty Demons of Dirt video, now the world's biggest selling action sports series.

His last world record attempt jump was on December 22, 1999 in California over a house. house of friend, and fellow rider, Mike Cinqmars. He overshot the jump by 15 to 20 feet and came to grief, puncturing his skull with his top yoke. Despite horrific injuries, and doctors telling him to stay off bikes for at least nine months, he was back in the saddle within six weeks.

The Planet X Summer Games is Australia's No. 1 freestyle sports and lifestyle festival, featuring world class skateboard, freestyle BMX, inline, freestyle moto x and wakeboard competition.