Business as normal for Carmichael

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Ricky Carmichael is stretching his lead on championship rival David Vuillemin after riding to his ninth win of the season in Dallas.

Jeremy McGrath might have got the lead from the start, but Carmichael moved his way into first, with Vuillemin second and McGrath third.

In the 125s, Travis Preston won the race and took the championship lead from James ‘Bubba’ Stewart, who crashed early on, made his way up to challenge for fourth, and then went down again. Preston now leads by ten points with one round left.


1.Ricky Carmichael. Honda

2.David Vuillemin. Yamaha

3.Jeremy McGrath. Yamaha

4.Nathan Ramsey. Honda

5.Stephen Roncada. Kawasaki

6.Sebastien Tortelli. Honda

7.Timmy Ferry. Yamaha

8.Ernesto Fonseca. Honda

9.Ezra Lusk. Kawasaki

10.Nick Wey. Yamaha


1.Travis Preston. Honda

2.Christopher Gosselaar. Honda

3.Travis Elliot. Honda

4.Matt Walker. Kawasaki

5.Eric Sorby. Kawasaki

6.Ivan Tedesco. Yamaha

7.Josh Demuth. Yamaha

8.Andrew Short. Suzuki

9.David Pingree KTM

10.Keith Johnson Yamaha

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MCN Staff

By MCN Staff