Carmichael claims AMA Supercross title

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After a six-year title drought, Honda claimed both the 250 and 125 series at the penultimate round of the AMA Supercross series in Salt Lake City.

Ricky Carmichael won his tenth race of the season to take the 250cc championship. Carmichael battlled for the win with his season-long rival, David Vuillemin, who finished the race in second, cementing his position in the runner-up spot in the championship.

Vuillemin led the 250cc championship early on in the season, but found that his three wins were no match for Carmichael, who notched up ten wins on his way to victory.

The final podium position in the 250 race went to Sebastien Tortelli, followed by Ernesto Fonseca, Jeremy McGrath and Ezra Lusk.

Travis Preston also showed that consistency was the key, by beating James Stewart to the 125cc West Championship. Stewart won the race, but Preston’s season long consistency won the championship with his second place.

Danny Smith too third, David Pingree fourth, and Matt Walker took fifth.

The two championships are the first titles for Honda in six years.

250cc race result:

1.Carmichael (Honda)

2. David Vuillemin (Yamaha)

3. Sebastien Tortelli (Honda)

4. Ernesto Fonseca (Honda)

5. Jeremy McGrath (Yamaha)

6. Ezra Lusk (Kawasaki)

7. Nathan Ramsey (Honda)

8. Stephane Roncada (Kawasaki)

9. Jean-Sebastien Roy (Honda)

10. Nicholas Wey (Yamaha)

250cc championship standings

1.Ricky Carmichael - Honda (331/10 wins)Champion

2. David Vuillemin - Yamaha (301/3 wins)

3. Jeremy McGrath - Yamaha (234)

4. Ezra Lusk - Kawasaki (223)

5. Stephane Roncada - Kawasaki (218)

125cc West race results

1.James Stewart (Kawasaki)

2. Travis Preston (Honda)

3. Danny Smith (Suzuki)

4. David Pingree (KTM)

5. Matt Walker (Kawasaki)

6. Ivan Tedesco (Honda)

7. Chris Gosselaar (Honda)

8. Eric Sorby (Kawasaki)

9. Travis Elliott (Honda)

10. Keith R. Johnson (Yamaha)

125cc West final championship standings

1.Travis Preston (152/2 wins)

2. James Stewart Jr. (145/3 wins)

3. Ivan Tedesco (130)

4. Chris Gosselaar (130)

5. Travis Elliott (100)

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