Vehvilainen takes overall Lyng honours

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Finland’s Jussi Vehvilainen took the overall win in Sunday’s round of the British open championship at Lyng in Norfolk.

The Honda rider pulled in championship leader, KTM’s Gordon Crockard, with a second and a fourth in the open class and a second in the Superfinal. Compared to this consistent performance Crockard managed a fifth in the first race, a win in the second and a fourth in the Superfinal.

Vehvilainen’s Honda teammate Paul Cooper got the hole-shot in race one and held the lead to the flag. Crockard’s win in the second moto was a carbon copy of Cooper’s win, while Cooper himself was forced to retire with engine trouble.

Open class moto one:

1)P. Cooper (Honda) 2) J. Vehvilainen (Honda) 3) J Noble (Honda) 4) C Nunn Husqvarna 5) G Crockard (KTM) 6) S Flockhart (Honda) 7) G Phillips (KTM) 8) J Higgs (Yamaha) 9) C Pratley (KTM) 10) M Hucklebridge (VOR)

Open class moto two:

1)G Crockard (KTM) 2) J Noble (Honda) 3) G Phillips (KTM) 4) J. Vehvilainen (Honda) 5) B Taylor (Honda) 6) J Higgs (Yamaha) 7) M Jones (Honda) 8) S Flockhart (Honda) 9) B Anderson (Yamaha) 10) R Smith (KTM)

Maxxis Cup Superfinal:

1) P. Cooper (Honda) 2) J. Vehvilainen (Honda) 3) C Nunn (Husqvarna) 4) G Crockard (KTM) 5) G Phillips (KTM) 6) C Pratley (KTM) 7) B Mackenzie (Yam) 8) M Hucklebridge (VOR) 9) T Vohland (Kawa) 10) M Jones (Honda) 11) T Church (KTM) 12) J Morris (Yamaha) 13) N Prince (Honda) 14) R Higgs (Husky) 15) B Taylor (Honda)

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