Carmichael is 2002 AMA Motorcross champion

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Ricky Carmichael took the 2002 AMA Motocross championship at Spring Creek on Saturday August 17.

He has totally dominated the season, winning every single race so far, and wrapped up the championship with two rounds to go. His 20 race wins and 10 overall victories have put him at the top of the AMA record books, beating Mark Barnett’s total of 18 race wins.

The first moto was a clean sweep for Honda with Carmichael followed home by teammates Nate Ramsey and Sebastien Tortelli. In race two, Carmichael was followed home by Yamaha’s Tim ferry and Kawasaki’s Ezra Lusk.

Ezra Lusk pipped Sebastien Tortelli to take second overall, with Tortelli settling for third.

With two rounds of the series left, there is a battle on for second in the championship between Yamaha’s Tim Ferry, Kawasaki’s Ezra Lusk and Honda’s Sebastien Tortelli. The real interest, however, is whether Ricky Carmichael can remain unbeaten in the last two rounds to make him the first person to achieve a perfect season.

The 125cc championship was claimed by James Stewart, who finished second and first on Saturday to take the overall win. He took the win, and the championship, from rival Chad Reed, making it sweet revenge for Stewart. Stewart had lost out on the 2002 125cc Supercross championship to Reed due to inconsistency, something which hasn’t bothered him in the outdoor Motocross season. Third on the day went to Brock Sellards.

250cc Spring Creek results:

1 Ricky Carmichael (1-1) 2 Ezra Lusk (4-3) 3 Sebastien Tortelli (3-4) 4 Tim Ferry (6-2) 5 Nathan Ramsey (2-6) 6 Mike LaRocco (5-5) 7 Robbie Reynard (8-7) 8 John Dowd (7-10) 9 Sean Hamblin (10-8) 10 Stephan Roncada (9-9)

125cc Spring Creek Results:

1 James Stewart (2-1) 2 Chad Reed (1-2) 3 Brock Sellards (3-4) 4 Matt Walker (7-3) 5 Ernesto Fonseca (4-5) 6 Branden Jesseman (8-7) 7 Christopher Gosselaar (13-6) 8 Michael Byrne (9-10) 9 Derrick Bentley (16 8) 10 Travis Preston (11-13)

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