Hizzy takes Cadwell double

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Steve Hislop stormed to the double win at Cadwell Park in the latest round of the MCN-backed British Superbike series on the Bank Holiday.

Hislop told MCN: " I came here wanting to get a grip on the champ0ionship and that’s exactly what I’ve done. "

And the MonsterMob Ducati rider reckons it’s all down to his new-found aggression: " This weekend has seen a new Steve Hislop. I’m fed up with messing about – I’m Mr. Angry now and I intend to stay that way until the end of the season. "

His race one win was marked by a series of record-breaking laps that left the opposition trailing. Second placed man Shane Byrne told MCN: " I can’t believe it. I was breaking lap records and Hizzy was still pulling away from me. "

Race two was red-flagged for rain, but even Michael Rutter, the renowned rain master, couldn’t catch Hislop from taking the chequered flag again.

Rutter said: " I couldn’t believe how fast Hizzy was. I started to peg him back, but just as got close he just opened up another 200 yards on me. "

Race 1:

1)S Hislop 2)S Byrne 3)M Rutter 4)J Reynolds 5)S Emmett 6)S Crafar 7)G Richards 8)K Harris 9)G Mason 10)J Crawford 11)M Burr 12)D Ellison 13)P Young 14)P Giles 15)P Jones 16)A Coates 17)J Davis 18)L Jackson 19)M Nutt 20)N Medd 21)G Blackley

Race 2:

1)S Hislop 2)M Rutter 3)S Byrne 4)J reynolds 5)S Plater 6)S Emmett 7)K Harris 8)J Crawford 9)M Burr 10)D Ellison 11)P Young 12)P Jones 13)J Davis 14)P Giles 15)L Jackson 16)J Robinson 17)M Nutt 18)G Blackley

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