Chad Reed wins in Arnhem

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Chad Reed took victory at the second round of the THQ 250cc World Supercross GP, held in Arnhem, Holland on Saturday.

He took the win ahead of Team Yamaha teammate David Vuillemin, with Honda’s Mike LaRocco finishing third. Reed took the lead on lap one, passing Frenchman Sebastien Tortelli. Tortelli was in third place, behind Reed and Vuillemin, when he crashed out on lap nine. Tortelli’s only consolation was winning the UFO Plast holeshot award for his start.

Grant Langston inherited third place but lost out to Larocco on lap 13, leaving Reed to take the win from a relieved and under-the-weather Vuillemin. Vuillemin still leads the championship after his first round win, but Reed has now closed the gap to just six points. This leaves Team Yamaha riders holding first, second and fourth positions in the championship.

The 125cc race was won by Marc de Reuver.

250cc Results:

1. Chad Reed. Yamaha. 2. David Vuillemin. Yamaha. 3. Mike LaRocco. Honda. 4. Grant Lagston. KTM. 5. Sebastien Tortelli. Suzuki. 6. Tim Ferry. Yamaha. 7. Jeremy McGrath. KTM. 8. Andrew Short. Suzuki. 9. Manuel Rivas. Kawasaki. 10. Keith Johnson. Yamaha.

250cc Championship standings:

1. David Vuillemin 47 points. 2. Chad Reed 41 points. 3. Grant Langston 38 points. 4. Tim Ferry 37 points. 5. Mike LaRocco 34 points. 6. Sebastien Tortelli. 34 points. 7. Jeremy McGrath. 26 points. 8. Damon Huffman. 22 points. 9. Andrew Short. 20 points. 10. Keith Johnson. 19 points.

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