Hislop angry over BSB prize money

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Steve Hislop feels he’s going to miss out on earnings in 2002 because of a new ruling over prize money in the British superbike series

40-year-old Hizzy has agreed terms to ride the MonsterMob Ducati for a second year. Last year Hislop earned £12,000 for his wins on top of his salary from MonsterMob Ducati. Now the prize money will go direct to the teams.

Another blow for Hizzy’s bonuses is a new league table system, where teams earn cash based on the combined results of the their two riders.

Hislop has no team-mate, and exactly how money could be paid to a one-rider outfit has yet to be clarified.

Hislop said: " It’s all based on two-man teams, but with us being a one-man team I don’t know how things will work. It’s a total farce. "

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MCN Staff

By MCN Staff