David Jefferies: In his own words

Dabbsy: Congratulations on your wins - were you annoyed not to get the proddy 600 to add the hat-trick?

DavidJefferies: Well it was actually the Junior 600 we broke down, in not the production, cos we haven't had that race yet. Obviously I was disappointed, but you can't expect to have everything your own way can ya.

Apjmartin: DJ, was it hard for you as a kid at school? Those balls of steel you have must have been a hinderence!

DavidJefferies: Not they didn't tend to get in the way!

Dabearworld: Are you going into the WSB next year now the 1000cc limit is lifted to fours and what would you ride is given the choice?

DavidJefferies I would ride for any competitive superbike team given the chance but I haven't been given the chance yet My dream team would be the winning team cos every team differs, it's hard to compare from year to year.

Gregmv: No questions really, Dave - but having watched you at Oliver's Mount last year (and unfortunately only TV coverage) of this year's TT, just 'respect'

DavidJefferies: Thankyou

Woz: Do you want to go to BSB or WSB next year?

DavidJefferies: Erm, I'd prefer the British Superbikes first I think

Steviebarry: Dave, which of your TT wins means the most to you ?

DavidJefferies: I think the first one. It's not an anticlimax after, but the first one, I came up the road, and my dad was sat there, and it was just mega.

Dpc: Lougher suggests your (ah hem) additional weight is a real advantage at the TT. Do you follow a special diet in the run up?

DavidJefferies: Er...*laughs* no, not really. I don’t think size is an advantage for me in the Isle of Man, but I think I keep proving a lot of people wrong with me size

Walks: Hizzy says he could beat Joey's record on the Island if he wanted to - could he...and could you?

DavidJefferies: For me, it all depends...if I keep going on at three in a year, I could do it in a lot shorter time than Joey. But I don't think you can say that, a lot could happen. I think it's a very bold statement to say that anyone could easily beat Joey's record

Dabearworld: If joey was still in the picture would you still be so confident and because he's not who's your closest rival now?

DavidJefferies: Yeah, I'd still be as confident, because I've beaten him fair and square round here before. I don't know who the biggest rival is now...probably McGuinness

DaveB: Do you think you could do a better job than Reynolds in BSB on the Crescent bike and were you pissed off not to get the call?

DavidJefferies: I think I could do as good a job with as much practice, but he got the call, I didn't and that's the way it worked out. I know I could be up there with the top guys in British Superbikes, yeah

Apjmartin: How long was it before you finally thought to yourself "I really do know where I'm going" at the IoM?

DavidJefferies: It only takes about three years. The third year when I won, I though I know where I'm going. But I came back the next year and had to learn more. And I'm still learning now!

Brollydolly: Do road racers have brollydollys?

DavidJefferies: Oh yes. If you want to apply it's no problem.

Dabearworld: Dave, can I borrow your bike to get back n forth to work when you finish with it mate?

DavidJefferies: You need to talk to the team manager about that, it's not my bike. But I'm fairly confident I can give you an idea of the answer!

Dpc: Do you still enjoy stunting like a fool on the road?

Davidjefferies: I still enjoy riding on the road. I'm not sure about stunting on the road. There's too many bleeding lunatics on there now.

Rgvr: Dave, can I have a pair of your old kneesliders, that way when I'm off the bike at least I look fast

DavidJefferies: *laughs* You'll have to come and find me at a race meeting. We might be able to sort you something out.

Steviebarry: Which is the better bike on the TT, GSXR1000 or the R1?

DavidJefferies: I think they're very similar. I've proved I can win on both. I think it's down to personal preference.

Daveb: It's the Rockingham round of BSB coming up soon - after the Island do you laugh when racers complain about safety there?

DavidJefferies: No, because I choose to race here...it's part of a championship and you have to race at short circuits. I choose to ride here, and a lot of riders don't. I don't think you should be forced to ride at dangerous circuits.

Steviebarry: What’s your favourite road circuit and why ?

DavidJefferies: I don't know. It's a hell of a challenge is the Isle of Man. It's more of a personal challenge. So I'll have to say the IoM

Wozza : How long did it take you to learn the TT course?

DavidJefferies About three years, as I said earlier.

Tenbears: What's the key to riding quickly, do you ever scare yerself?

DavidJefferies: Try not too... You've got to ride within your limits. But push hard enough to find your limits. It leaves you with a small margin of error to ride in, but you've just got to know your own limits.

Steviebarry: Dave, which current BSB rider do you rate the most and why ?

DavidJefferies: I don't know to be honest…difficult question that... I think I'd probably say Hizzy, he's just the ultimate professional I think

Daveb: Is there a point coming soon when bikes will simply be too fast for the TT and should there be a power limit?

DavidJefferies: The bike only goes as fast as you make it. I don't know, they are getting very fast. But it's a difficult question. I'll leave it to the organisers to work out.

Gregmv: Dave - Re the gixer and the R1, where does the blade stand against those two (for the IoM at any rate)?

DavidJefferies: A little bit behind them I think.

Brollydolly: Blonde, brunette ?.......

DavidJefferies: I don't mind, I'm not that fussy!

Jrussell: Hello, say it rains tomorrow, do you think the Suzuki has to much power

DavidJefferies: No, I think it should be alright. It'll make it harder to ride, but it'll be alright.

Dabearworld: If you could have any bike in the world just for your own use what would you have?

DavidJefferies: Well I hate cruisers, but if I was going to have one, I'd probably have a Boss Hoss, with the V8 in, just for a scream.

Dabbsy: if Carl Fogarty called you up and offered you a ride on the FP1 - would you take it ?

DavidJefferies: If he had one. I don't think he's got one yet has he?

Apjmartin: Not meaning to sound like an anorak but your right kneeslider is usually more worn than your left. Do you prefer right handers or something?

DavidJefferies: No, just the majority of circuits in the UK are right-handed circuits, so you tend to use the right more than the left that's all. And yes, you are an anorak.

Gregmv: Do you manage to get enough practice in on road circuits - ever get out 'on the Queens Highway' on a Sunday? Or do you make do with the practice days you manage to get on closed roads?

DavidJefferies: Yeah, you can't practice racing on the road, it's just far too dangerous. We tend to get enough practice over here. It's just the weather makes it difficult sometimes

Tenbears: Do you have any points on your licence?

DavidJefferies: Yeah, 6, all in a car.

Charmained: When will you be updating your website?

DavidJefferies: Oh...*laughs*...I'm on with it at the moment.... Cheers for all your questions. But I better be off... So thanks for all your support and lets hope I do alright in the proddy 600.

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