Husqvarna and Seel triumph in World Supermoto

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Eddy Seel is the 2003 World Supermoto champion, and his successes have helped Husqvarna to the manufacturers championship.

The 33-year-old Belgian sealed the title at Benidorm in Spain last weekend with wins in his two heat races and a second place in the Superfinal. The first heat also saw an all-Husqvarna podium, with Seel leading from start to finish and team-mates Beltrami and Gozzini in second and third. In the second heat, Seel and Gozzini were joined on the podium by Boris Chambon. KTM rider Chambon eventually reached the first step of the podium in the final, beating Seel and Gozzini.

The manufacturers title is especially notable for the Swedish company as they are celebrating their centenary in 2003. This season the firm competed with five riders mounted on SM650R machines.

Heat 1 results: 1) Seel (Husqvarna). 2) Beltrami (Husqvarna). 3) Gozzini (Husqvarna). 4) Chambon (KTM). 5) Kunzel (KTM). 6) Guyot (Husqvarna). 7) Delepine (Vertemati).

Heat 2 results: 1) Seel (Husqvarna). 2) Gozzini (Husqvarna). 3) Chambon (KTM). 4) Kunzel (KTM). 5) Delepine (Vertemati). 6) Giraudo (Vertemati). 7) Manzo (Vertemati).

Superfinal: 1) Chambon. 2) Seel (Husqvarna). 3) Gozzini (Husqvarna). 4) Kunzel (KTM). 5) Delepine (Vertemati). 6) Beltrami (Husqvarna). 7) Manzo (Vertemati). 8) Guyot (Husqvarna).

Overall Final World Championship Standings: 1) Seel 443. 2) Chambon 420. 3) Kunzel 403. 4) Manzo 301. 5) Delepine 294. 6) Lazzarini 281. 7) Guyot 230. 8) Fiorentino 225. 9) Beltrami 222. 10) Rubio 166.

Overall Final Manufacturers standings: 1) Husqvarna 501. 2) KTM 492. 3) Vertemati 407. 4) Husaberg 254.

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