Reed wins second World Supercross GP

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Yamaha’s Chad Reed took his second victory in the THQ World Supercross GP in Anaheim at the weekend.

Over 45,000 fans watched Kawasaki’s Mike Brown take the holeshot in the 250cc race, only to be reeled in by Reed. Reigning champion Ricky Carmichael claimed second after an eventful race which saw him start in tenth, crash on lap two, rejoin last, and crash on lap three again. Carmichael then managed to stay on two wheels long enough to reach the second step of the podium, above Mike LaRocco, who had also crashed. LaRocco had been battling with Travis Pastrana until his tumble, which led to a host of fallers, including Pastana and Michael Byrne.

The 125cc was relatively calmer, with Travis Preston finishing ahead of James Stewart. Kawasaki rider Stewart had a nightmare start and dropped to 21st before clawing his way back through the pack. Andrew Short finished third.

The 250cc race counts towards both the THQ World Supercross championship, and the AMA supercross championship. Reed’s win means that he leads the AMA championship from Carmichael, but is second in the World standings to Yamaha teammate David Vuillemin.


1) Travis Preston. 2) James Stewart. 3) Andrew Short. 4) Christopher Gosselaar. 5) Danny Smith. 6) Billy Laninovich. 7) Matt Walker. 8) David Pingree. 9) Craig Anderson. 10) Kevin Johnson.

250cc results:

1) Chad Reed. 2) Ricky Carmichael. 3) Tim Ferry. 4) David Vuillemin. 5) Sebastien Tortelli. 6) Ernesto Fonseca. 7) Ryan Clark. 8) Ezra Lusk. 9) Heath Voss. 10) Stephen Roncada.

THQ World Supercross standings:

1) David Vuillemin 67. 2) Chad Reed 66. 3) Tim Ferry 59. 4) Sebastien Tortelli 52. 5) Grant Langston 49. 6) Mike LaRocco 46. 7) Ryan Clark 34. 8) Keith Johnson 33. 9) Jeremy McGrath 29. 10) Heath Voss 28.

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