BMZRC Race Report, Cadwell Park, June 14

PRACTICE: Saturday morning dawned wet and rainy at Cadwell, accompanied by frantic changing of tyres. All this activity obviously detracted several racers from their normal pre-race preparations. Andy Bettridge and Ian James just couldn’t get their bikes started and after the MZ race co-ordinator Dave Higgins had been pushing them around for a while they discovered that they had failed to unplug the carbs’. Andy had left a plug in his and Ian had a rubber glove over his. Colin Barrow was having similar difficulties and after removing the carb several times to alter things eventually realised that it also still had its cover on as well.

Bernard Morley was on his second bike, having blown his engine in the previous days practice. Brian Roger having returned to the scene of his previous injury was still not fit to race. John Welfare, injured the previous day in practice, had to be helped onto the bike and pushed to start, lying 6th in the championship he hope salvage a few points from the meeting.

RACE 1: A good start from all on the front of the grid and they were off up the steep first hill off of the line on the club circuit. The MZ’s have never raced on the Club circuit before. Tim Kaley immediately took the lead and stayed here for a few laps. Being briefly overtaken by Bernard Morley, but Bernard missed a gear and this was enough to allow Tim back passed.

Sidney Verster unfortunately had a very short race, as he came off at the first bend, was he pushed or did he jump?

On the first time into the hairpin, the leading 8 all arrived virtually together, Paul Emanuel, in about 6th place, performed the most incredible late breaking manoeuvre and with his back wheel snaking all over the place, under breaking, he still managed to get around the bend and come out in second place. The spectators were very impressed, being interviewed later and being commended on such a brave move, it transpires that Paul unfortunately missed his breaking point and was completely out of control!

The racing was very close between Tim, Bernard, Chris Rogers, and Marek Wieckowski. Chris decided to put on his intermediates as it had been raining, but he soon found out that they had been overcooked the weekend before at Lydden, even so he still managed a third place. A short distance behind was Matt Goldsmith who was doing very well in this his first time to the circuit. Behind him David Swatton and Jon Hart were having a battle of their own, Dave the eventual winner of that. John Welfare was struggling with his injury and managed to hold off Javier Fuente, who was on a charge, but eventually Javier got in front and pulled a lead from John and an ever-closing Tim Timmins.

Mark Dickinson had a good start from the rear of the grid and was really on a mission, unfortunately he realised that he was going too fast when he crashed. A great deal of re-building had to be performed before he would get out in the next race ably assisted by his team mate Carl Husain (which is Bill and which is Ben?) and Phil Munday.

Although the hairpin was kind to Paul Emanuel it did claim several casualties, Scott Jerome crashed out on the second lap, Simon Nix on his fifth lap lost the front end (a 5.9 for artistic content of the forward rolls, a bit of work needed on the crawling Simon). Steve Hill nearly didn’t make it round the corner and fancied a go at the mountain, but frantic gesticulating by the marshals indicated the error of his ways and he returned to the correct circuit to finish 19th.

Steve Cannon failed to finish as he also seized his engine. Andy Bettridge was a little luckier as he had just crossed the line when his gearbox went.

1) Tim Kaley,2) Bernard Morley,3) Chris Rogers,4) Paul Emanuel,5) Marek Wieckowski,6) Matt Goldsmith,7) David Swatton,8) Jon Hart,9) Javier Fuente,10) John Welfare.

RACE 2: Tim Kaley again lead off of the line from pole position, and lead for a while, he was overtaken on the fourth lap by Marek, had just got the lead back again and fell coming through Mansfield. This he found later was due to a distinct lack of ground clearance through left-handers. The lead was then bitterly fought for by Marek, Bernard, Chris Rogers and Paul. Again having an excellent ride, but virtually on his own just behind was Matt Goldsmith. For Chris and Matt this is their second season of racing and Chris last year won the novice trophy with Matt second. A good race by Marek who had changed his gearing from the previous race. Chris Rogers, having changed to slicks, was managing to make up several bike lengths through Mansfield, but was down on power through Charlies 1&2. Unfortunately his piston let him down In Park Straight and that was that for Chris.

A much better race for Matt Higgins saw him move from 16th on the grid to finish in 9th place, just ahead of Andy Bettridge and his new gear box, and Tim Timmins, with only two seconds separating them across the line. A close race between Simon Nix, Ian James and Steve Hill saw some exciting overtaking manoeuvres but Simon Nix eventually broke away to finish five seconds in front of Steve and Ian, with only a cigarette paper between them over the line.

Again Jon Hart and Dave Swatton were fighting for the same place, Dave managed to pull a slight gap, leaving Jon to be mugged by John Welfare and Javier Fuente. John Welfare lining up a passing manoeuvre on Jon on the last lap when his bike jumped out of gear allowing Jon across the line ahead and Javier also took advantage and passed him on the line.

A good ride by Bernard saw him achieve the fastest lap of the day and lap record for the Club Circuit.

1) Marek Wieckowski, 2) Bernard Morley, 3) Paul Emanuel, 4) Matt Goldsmith, 5) David Swatton, 6) Jon Hart, 7) Javier Fuente, 8) John Welfare, 9) Matt Higgins, 10) Andy Bettridge.

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