Byrne and Reynolds share Brands spoils

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Local boy Shane ‘Shakey’ Byrne took a race one win and extended his lead in the British Superbikes championship at Brands Hatch, but had to settle for second behind John Reynolds in race two.

Byrne will still be able to relax a little as Rutter, Emmett and Kagayama all retired from the first race. Behind the championship leader, Steve Plater claimed a good third and Gary Mason finished in front of teammate Steve Hislop.

Race two went to Reynolds on the Crescent Suzuki, with Byrne able to finish in front of Rutter, Emmett and Glen Richards. Mason again demoted team-mate Hislop.

MCNs ad man Adam Hitchcox rode to a fantastic fifteenth in his first ever BSB race, and followed it with a consistent 23rd in race two. You can read what it was like to race in BSB in MCN on June 25.

Race One results:

1) Byrne. 2) Reynolds. 3) Plater. 4) Mason. 5) Hislop. 6) Richards. 7) Smart. 8) McGuinness. 9) Crawford. 10) Jackson. 11) Medd. 12) Hobbs. 13) Williamson. 14) Goodall. 15) Hitchcox. 16) Blackley. 17) Mossey. 18) Buckingham. 19) Mainwaring. 20) Arnold.


Wood. Kagayama. Kirkham. Ashley. Young. Walker. Jones. Rutter. Emmett. Corke. Nisill.

Race Two results:

1) Reynolds. 2) Byrne. 3) Rutter. 4) Emmett. 5) Richards. 6) Mason. 7) Hislop. 8) Plater. 9) Smart. 10) Kagayama. 11) Crawford. 12) McGuiness. 13) Jackson. 14) Medd. 15) Wood. 16) Kirkham. 17) Hobbs. 18) Williamson. 19) Goodall. 20) Blackley. 21) Corke. 22) Mossey. 23) Hitchcox. 24) Mainwaring. 25) Buckingham. 26) Ashley. 27) Jones. 28) Arnold.



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