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Tributes to David Jefferies have been flooding on to our message boards after his death in Thursday afternoon’s practice session for the Isle of Man TT.

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Francofontain: Just got into work and found out the sad sad news. DJ was my hero and idol, brought me into biking and kept me wanting more, he even got my wife watching bike racing. All this was because of his persona - a down to earth really nice bloke. One of the fastest riders around and a thrill to watch. Martyn and Cara Francis

Guishnu: I was very sad to hear of the loss of D.J. The man was always an inspiration to me. Because of the trouble he went through in relation to his size and riding it has inspired me on every level. Being a well built lad myself it was wonderful to see an ambassador to the sport that was not a skinny whippet. I was lucky enough to meet the guy on a couple of occasions and he was a lovely bloke. True gent. Rest In Peace David, Thanks for the Memories. Chris Bradbury

Tvincent: I would just like to pay my greatest sympathy to Dave and his family. He was a legend to us all. This is a time when we all realise how dangerous bikes can be and the news shocked and sadened me deeply. Dave was a fantastic racer and a lovely man with it. God bless. Terry.

Kicky1: My heart goes out to David's family at such a tragic time we all know how dangerous the island can be even when treated with the best respect. David Jefferies was a true mater of the TT course it is just so unfortunate that we loose people in this way.

Chazhead: My thoughts to DJ's family and friends at this tragic time. DJ's passion for his sport has always shone through so please; do not let this tragic accident, because that is what it is, provide ammunition to the anti brigade. All entrants in the TT choose to compete. DJ, I imagine, would be the last person who would want the TT banned because of this accident.

Davidgreen1: What a sad tragic loss for his family, friends and people who have had the pleasure to meet the big man. A true motorcycle great who was already a TT legend at such a young age. Dave, thank you for the memories we shall always have of you flying round the TT course.

Colin2: Dave was a racer, he loved what he was doing as they all do. He like many of the other racing greats who pay the ultimate sacrifice should be praised for what he has given the sport and us as fans over the last years. R.I.P. Dave. Our thoughts are with his family.

Grahaml: We loved watching him over the last couple of years, at the TT in 2002 and the BSB guest rides. He was to us, like Joey for many – ‘Our Man’. A real peoples Hero. Graham and Helen.

VFRian: Met him at the Ally Pally and he found time to talk to ‘yet another idiot’. He was a decent guy who loved his racing. And we all loved watching him. He will be sadly missed.

Sayntmatt: Another fallen hero. First it was Ronnie Smith, then Barry Sheene, after that Daijiro Kato and now Big Dave Jefferies! I was absolutely speechless when I heard the news. I met DJ a few times and he was really, really helpful, often giving my friends and I tips for our club racing. A true gent and so down to earth. He will be sorely missed by us all I am sure. Yet another racing hero taken from us. What a sad year this is turning out to be!!

Danielrickard: I loved watching this man ride the TT course. I've got far too much video footage of him doing it at awesome speeds. He was just a normal bloke with a talent for riding fast. I feel glad that I have memories of seeing him race on the short circuits of Britain, but unfortunately never on the Island.

Mcntopcat: Don't mind saying,. Had a lump in my throat as soon as I heard this, still do this morning what a sad sad loss of such a fine big lad. I have a wee lad at home who loves this guy, can't imagine how I gonna explain this to him when I can't explain it to myself

Littledaddy: What a loss. I'm truly saddened and sickened by his death. We watched him race and win last year on the island - he was amazing and inspiring to see. We saw him in the Grandstand shortly after too - what a genuine bloke. Our condolences go to the people his was close to - he was a true motorcycle racer, who lived and sadly died for the sport.

Bens press woman: I am so sorry to hear of the death of DJ. He was a lovely, kind lad who would do anything for anyone, always had a smile on his face and was an extremely competent racer. The TT paddock will be very subdued this year with this tragedy hanging over them, my thoughts go out to all the riders and especially to DJs family and team.

Daithi: Just got the news here in Boston, USA. Totally stunned, just like when I heard about Joey. Unbelievable that he has suddenly been snatched away from us like that. No time to say goodbye. Feel so bad for his family right now. Our hearts go out to them. God speed David - you have joined the immortals.

Roadtester: What a waist of talent, he new the risks but that’s why he rode there. DJ lived for bikes and was a real nice bloke. I met him at thruxton last month and he really is a down to earth bloke. My deepest sympathy to all his family and friends for this is a real loss to the biking community everywhere.

Capt real world: Anyone who ever watched David race could not have failed to have been impressed by his brave riding style, speed and pure courage. He was just so bloody fast on the island and it’s a shame he never got the real recognition he should have. Perhaps 'too fast too live, to young to die' really can be true sometimes. God bless David. You really were very special.

Half a busa: I was lucky enough to meet and chat with DJ on several occasions, he was a genuinely great bloke and shall be sorely missed. Deepest respects to his family and friends, ride in peace where ever you are big fella. Nick

Johnbob: Deeply shocked and saddened, my sympathy goes out to the Big Man's family. Always remember: "To live in the hearts of those you love, is not to die"

Millr6: Been to the IOM more times than most and I’m always gobsmacked at the speed, the danger, and mostly the bravery. Often tragedy comes off the back of brilliance. Today’s events mirror the tragedies of Dunlop, Herron, Robinson, I could go on, but this is road racing. Not for the faint hearted and certainly not for the meek. God bless DJ and his family and friends. Mill

Clivej: I am about to set out to the TT races and was stood in the cow shed with two mates when the devastating news came through.. No one said anything and we all felt a very spine chilling feeling running through our bodies. A fantastic man, a fantastic racer. Our utmost condolences go out to a family that has lost a legend.

Fastlad: I met him last year at the presentation night. He was such an approachable man, so modest, one of the lads. When he went past at Rencullhen the trees all bowed in respect he was so fast and good, the best I’ve seen in my 15yrs coming over to the TT.

Sexysv: I met him last year in the beer tent at Scarborough with Moodie an McGuinnes, I even got a luverly kiss off him. He was fab with kids and was a true gent. Miss you already

Suzukikev: Dave loved to ride fast on roads, he was the consummate rider, fast, brave, considered, and careful. He has died doing something he loved. Prior to the accident I bet he was wearing the biggest smile you could imagine. Kev, Leeds

Uncle caulkie: When Ronnie went, I was moved by the sympathy tributes. When Barry Sheene went, I was again moved by the whole tribute procession. When Kato went I was concerned but not emotional. Dave Jefferies was someone I met, not just for an autograph but also for a quite chat with no one about. A truly passionate bike racer who had time for everyone and anyone. A brilliant sense of humour too.

Ozzy2672: I am stunned, shocked and simply lost for words. I spent an evening in his company recently and thoroughly enjoyed it. A true Racer and a true gent! My deepest sympathy's go to his family and all those, like me, who will miss him. The TT and the sport will not be the same again.

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