McGuinness wins F1 TT

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Next year the F1 race will be dropped to bring the TT classes in line with the FIM championships.

Dave Molyneux and Daniel Sayle took their Honda sidecar to Molyneux's ninth win on the TT after leading the race from start to finish.

F1 positions:

John McGuinnes, Adrian Archibald, Bruce Anstey, Jason Griffiths, Ian Lougher, Richard Britton, Mark Parrett, Chris Heath, Ian Armstron, Ian Hutchinson, Gary Carswell, Guy Martin, Gordon Blackley, David Bell, Nigel Beattie, Nigel Davies, Jun Maeda, John Barton, Chris Palmer, James McBride, Paul Duckett, Victor Gilmore, John Donnan, Ian Watson, Andy Wallace, Jim Hodson, Steve Linsdell, David Castle, Dirk Kaletsch, Derran Slous, Paul Dobbs, Alan 'Bud' Jackson, David Madsen-Mygdal, Peter Hounsell, Ryan Farquhar, Toni Rechberger, George Spence, Umberto Rumiano, Jeff Jones, Tony Moss, Giorgio Cantalupo, Robert A Price, Wade Boyd, Ian Smith, Mark Harland, Martin Hamberg, Kevin Strowger, Roger Meads, Geoff Sawyer, Patrick Van Gils, Fabrice Miguet, Thierry De Moly, Anita Buxton, Geert Lambrechts.

John McGuinness romped home in style to win the first race of the 2004 Isle of Man TT, shattering David Jefferies Lap record in the process.

McGuinness took his Yamaha R1 to an amazing record lap of 17:43.8, which works out to an average speed of 127.68 mph from a standing start!

He lead on time throughout the 4 lap race and actually lead on the road for most of it.

Bruce Ansty was McGuinness's closest rival coming home on his Suzuki GSX-R1000 in second place, more than 10 seconds down, while his team-mate Adrian Archibald took third.

Ian Lougher was fourth, Jason Griffiths fifth and Richard Britton sixth, with Mark Parrett, Gordon Blackley, Chris Heath and Nigel Davies finishing the top ten.

Ryan Farquhar finished well down in 35th place after being black flagged for problems with his Kawasaki ZX-10R. Farquhar couldn't fix the problm despite a trip to the pits and was forced to crawl home at a very slow pace.

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