Girls lap up race plan

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Bike racing will have a touch more glamour next year thanks to a girls-only track event at Silverstone on Sunday.

The Bikegirl event combined the chance for some women to take to the track for the first time with assessments for potential stars of the all-girl Feisty Racing race team.

Deb Cartwright (Supersport 400), Jenny Tinmouth (British GP125), Lyndsey Plastow (R6 Cup) and Jamie Whitham were doing the judging and offering encouragement.

Team Manager, Susie Grayson, said: “we are focusing on a three-year plan to encourage more women into the sport, and the success of today makes me feel even more positive about the concept.” Susie plans to run an all-girl championship by 2006.

Feisty Racing now boasts 14 female racers and 10 volunteers, including mechanics for the 2005 season.

The next events planned are a team meeting at the NEC Motorcycle Show in November and a test session in Southern Spain in February.

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