Manx GP Friday winners

Honda rider Steve Kuenne from Crewe won the Lightweight Manx Grand Prix by 13.8 seconds on Friday (September 3), with Keith Taylor from Crook (Yamaha) winning the Ultra-Lightweight race by 32.1 seconds.

Kuenne had built up a 20-second lead - before his fuel stop. He almost overshot the stop-box and had to brake so hard he almost sent himself over his handlebars. There was a further delay when his fuel caps failed to screw on. The stop cost him 10 seconds of his lead.

The two races are run at the same time.

Results: Lightweight.

1. Kuenne, 2. Brian Spooner, 3. Barry Davidson, 4. Gavin Bell 5. Tony Cawte

Results: Ultra-Lightweight

1. Taylor, 2. Graham Taubman, 3. Mark Castle

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