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KTM riders Ben Townely and Tyla Rattray won the MX1 and MX2 classes at the British round of the Motocross World Championships, with team-mates Steve Ramon and Britain’s Carl Nunn alo making the podium.

The racing took place in glorious sunshine at Gore Basin on the Isle of Wight and saw Ramon lead from the start of the first Moto, with Twonley forcing his way through to third behind Mickael Pichon. The second MX1 race saw Townley get the holeshot. Ramon was holding second until arm-pump saw him drop to fourth behind Josh Coppins and Pichon.

In the MX2 races, Tyla Rattray took the overall win on his comeback from a knee injury, with a second and third place. The first moto saw victory go to Billy Mackenzie with Antonio Cairoli third. In the second race David Phillppaerts and Christophe Pourcel headed Rattray.

With a fourth in the second race, British rider Carl Nunn took an overall third place, and he could have made the second step if not for a fall and an eighth place in the first moto.

“I had a good first few laps in the first moto but then I crashed and didn’t really regain my rhythm afterwrads,” said Nunn. “In the second moto the track was better and I could feel my riding was stronger. The crowd were so loud it was unbelievable. As soon as I got my pit signal that I had to stay in front of Boissiere to take the podium they erupted even more!”

MX1 Championship standings:

1. Everts 621

2. Coppins 576.

3. Townley 505.

4. Pichon 446.

5. Ramon 423.

6. Smets 385.

7. Leuret 296.

8. de Dijcker 274.

9. Noble 274.

10. Leok 268.

MX2 Championship standings:

1. Cairoli 522.

2. MacFarlane 482.

3. Chiodi 453.

4. Philippaerts 414.

5. melotte 352.

6. Pourcel 333.

7. Nunn 318.

8. Sword 310.

9. Mackenzie 294.

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