Shakey and Jodie split...

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Shane Byrne has announced he has split with model and keen biker Jodie Marsh in the online diary on his website.

The pair met at the British GP at Donington Park, when Marsh was enlisted to be a KTM brolly girl for the race. But it seems the romance is already over, judging by this post by Shakey himself on August 23, 2005.

“After there I popped up to Jodie’s to drop off her things that she’d left at my house, Jodie and I are no longer together which is a bit of a shame, we had some good fun whilst it lasted.”

You can read more of his online diary here. (external site)

Byrne has also been left without a MotoGP ride following an announcement by KTM it would no longer supply Team Roberts KR with engines or funding. Although the team are keen to continue their MotoGP season, it is unlikely to be with Byrne, who is actually contracted to KTM rather than the team. Find out his latest career plans in MCN, August 24, 2005.

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